2021 Dkw Special Tire Size

Letters and numbers on the tire specifies the size and type of tire.

When you're on the road, every minute and every mile count. The last thing you want is to have your 2021 Dkw Special car fail because of a faulty tire. Maintaining your 2021 Dkw Special tires is an essential part of keeping them in safe working order. If you want to avoid tire failure, there are simple things you can do to help extend the life of your 2021 Dkw Special's tires.

215/55 R17 98H

Alternative 2021 Dkw Special Tire Sizes

225/45 R18 95H
195/65 R15 91T

Heavy 2021 Dkw Special Tire Sizes

If your Dkw Special car is heavy with modification or carry heavy things please consider small wheel size tires.

215/55 R15 98H
225/45 R14 91H

Perfect Tire Size Calculation

Manufacturer's recommended wheel sizes and parameters for 2021 Dkw Special.

Sidewall height = profile ratio * width / 100

A tire fails for a variety of reasons: incorrect inflation pressure; underinflated tires affected handling; overinflated tires accelerated wear; insufficient tread depth reduced traction and poor maintenance accelerated degradation from UV exposure or ozone cracking.

DISCLAIMER: We cannot and do not warrant that any information upon this page is completely current and correct, because tire/wheel size can be not same with yours and our dynamics not same with your car.

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